BeeZee bodies healthy lifestyle programme

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Birmingham have won exclusive national funding to provide FREE support for local families to make healthy changes to their lifestyles.

Birmingham City Council and BeeZee Bodies will be providing support for families living in Birmingham who are outside the healthy weight range between the ages of 5 and 15 years. They have a team of nutritionists and behaviour change specialists who want to support local families to make realistic healthy changes, and connect them with the wide range of other services in the local area that can support people to be happy and healthy.

Here is an overview of the key services they will provide:

  1. BeeZee Academy: A totally online service to learn as a family about making simple, healthy changes. You choose the topics, you choose the pace!
  2. BeeZee Lite: Sign up to a FREE 1 hour session with a Nutritionist to talk about your family and the changes you want to make. Leave with a robust plan on how to make easy, healthy changes.
  3. BeeZee Live: A FREE virtual weekly session for 10 weeks, delivered by trained Nutritionists covering making healthy changes in a fun and engaging way for the whole family. No-one can see you and you don’t have to speak, just type into the chat bar. Simple!
  4. BeeZee Families:A FREE, award-winning, in-person service delivered near you for the whole family. Make friends and learn about simple healthy changes as a family. Weekly physical activities, cook-a-long’s, free snacks, and simple advice and support from people that care.

For more info on the programmes and how to refer a family you are working with go to or read the attached document. BeeZee Bodies have loads of resources (recipes, parent guides etc) and would love to meet you and your team and want to ensure these programmes meet the needs of local Birmingham communities so if you would like a call with them/resources please contact Helen Mayhew who can set up a call/meeting.

We want to ensure we reach as many families in Birmingham as possible so get in touch and find out how BeeZee Bodies can support the families you are working with.